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Vance Leather

VL801S Classic Biker Leather Chaps

VL801S Classic Biker Leather Chaps

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The Classic Plain Leather Motorcycle Chaps from Vance are a must-have for all serious bikers. These are your basic, timeless, black motorcycle chaps that will never go out of style and will always look right no matter where you wear them. Constructed out of quality leather, these Classic Plain Leather Motorcycle Chaps can fit leg length sizes from 42 to 44 inches and inseams from 32 to 34 inches. Just cut these chaps to match your leg length no hemming is required. We are sure that you will love everything about these heavy-duty leather chaps that feature zippers on the side and have a fixed polyester lining, especially the low price. Plus, you know you will always be getting a top-quality product when you purchase an item that bears the Vance Leather brand.

Heavy Duty lined leather chaps, cover with flap, zipper on sides.These are lined quality leather chaps, always the quality you expect from Vance Leather.


HOW TO DETERMINE SIZE: Please measure the thickest part of your thigh (circumference around your thigh at the thickest part) using a cloth tape measure. Be sure to take this measurement with your jeans ON

Length is approximately 44" and the inseam is approximately 34". You can cut according to your height and no hemming is required. This will not spoil the look or fit of the chaps and also will not remove all the snaps.




Size Chart
Size Thigh Measurement
3XS 16"
2XS 16.5"
XS 17"
S 19"
M 21"
L 22"
XL 23"
2XL 24"
3XL 25"
4XL 26"
5XL 27"
6XL 28"
7XL 29"
8XL 30"
9XL 31"
10XL 32"
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