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Motorcycle chaps are an essential for anyone who rides motorcycles for touring or travel. Leather is the superb material for biker chaps by adding a protective layer of clothing that bikers wear over their pants while riding. Chaps come with a buckle, just as most pants, and zippers for each leg. The pants are well-trimmed to fit your body type easily and make you look stylish. Made of the finest cowhide, naked leather, and textile our motorcycle chaps are highly durable and last long even when used in the roughest of conditions.

We feature an impressive collection of chaps in different styles to suit riders. From full length, mesh liner,  cowhide, jean pocket, or lined; to the classic textile designs, rest assured, we have them all for you. 

Selecting a pair of leather motorcycle chaps is a little different than selecting a pair of jeans and requires some knowledge to ensure you have the best fit. You actually want to pick a size that is right for the size of you thigh, as the waist-band can be adjusted to assure a proper fit, most bikers select one size larger to allow room for pants and flexibility. No one wants to ride too tight or too loose.
Womens Textile Chaps

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