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Vance Leather

HTWhiteMarble "Hawg Tyd" The Authentic Leather Hair TYS - WhiteMarble Beads

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SKU HT110WhiteMarble
HT106WhiteMarble - 6"
HT110WhiteMarble - 10"
HT112WhiteMarble - 12"
HT114WhiteMarble - 14"

Leather Hair Tubes by Hawg-Tyd Ponytail holder, Beard holder

  • These Hair Tubes feature the signature fringes beaded
  • Full coverage front & back ensure tangle free hair. 
  • These hair fringes beaded and snaps are perfect for men or women. 
  • They come in White, Brown, Green, Blue, Pink and Purple Beads and they can be cut to size! 
Large Fringes beaded and snaps is recommended for very long and very thick hair. (13" long & extra wide)
Medium Fringes beaded and snaps is recommended for middle of the back length hair. (10" long)
Small Fringes beaded and snaps is recommended for shoulder length hair. (6" long)


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