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Vance Leather

"Hawg Tyd" The Authentic Leather Hair TYS

$ 16.95

HT006 - 6"
HT010 - 10"
HT012 - 12"

Leather Hair Tubes by Hawg-Tyd Ponytail holder , beard holder

  • These Hair Tubes feature the signature T-top swing arm barrette and snaps all the way down the back. 
  • Full coverage front & back ensure tangle free hair. 
  • These hair tubes are perfect for men or women. 
  • They come in black and they can be cut to size!
Large Tube is recommended for very long and very thick hair. (13" long & extra wide)
Medium Tube is recommended for middle of the back length hair. (10" long)
Small Tube is recommended for shoulder length hair. (6" long)


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