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Vance Leather

Vance Leather VL1015 Ladies Lambskin Vest with Vertical Braid

$ 95.99 $ 44.95

SKU VL1015 S

Ladies premium grade lambskin leather vest, with form fitting front seams and a zipper front. Vertical braid on front and back for great accents to this premium vest. This vest is made of lambskin and is one of the softest leathers for clothing items. The vest is adorned with top stitching on all areas where it comes together. Lined with an acetate fabric so it offers a high level of comfort to the wearers. The lining made of acetate has better moisture absorption properties, as compared to other synthetic fibers. This characteristic ensures better sweat control for wearers, enhancing their comfort levels. Also acetate fabrics drape well and conform to body contours without clinging.


  • Soft lambskin
  • Two front zippered pockets.
  • Vertical braid on front and back
  • Acetate liner to better absorb moisture
  • Acetate liner does not cling to your body while wearing this vest




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